Client Testimonials

We strive to provide all our clients with thorough and thoughtful analysis in all sectors of the hospitality industry. 

Here's what our clients have to say about H&LA

"Your report was incredible, and we are using constantly! It will be a critical element in the construction of our Water Park. Best and most thorough report that we have had the pleasure to see in our careers."
          -Rick Herold, Grand Prairie Park, Arts & Recreation Department

"Everyone I've spoken to thinks very highly of you and your work.  I think we're making a lot of good decisions with this project but the best so far has been hiring you.  We sincerely appreciate the work you're doing"
          -Justin Aden, New Lion

"We believe the Waterpark Lodge was a real differentiator in our proposal and a qualified Feasibility Study demonstrated its attractiveness. Thanks for supporting the EPR/ADG/Camelback/Wilderness Team!"
           -Tim Lies, EPT Concord II, LLC

"We appreciate all the assistance you gave us on this matter.  Your excellent appraisals helped us reach a good compromise settlement of this case."
           -Richard, Fayette County Attorney's Office

"We find that Mr. Sangree's value conclusion is reasonable, well-supported, competent, and probative evidence of value."

e find that the appraiser, on cross-examination before this board, provided sufficient, competent and probative responses to such concerns, as did the supporting information contained in his report"
            -Ohio Board of Tax Appeals

"We have been very pleased with our first full year results and our bank is impressed as well!  Our actual results are very close to your feasibility study and in many cases we have exceeded those projections which gives us great confidence that this expansion was and has been a great move for our company in many respects." 

            -Bill Parlberg, President, COO, Zehnder's of Frankenmuth

“Your report was very helpful to us to analyze the feasibility of the proposed development. We were able to utilize it during meetings with governmental authorities to help educate participants about events happening in their own community. It was also incredibly helpful during hearings when we used it to help answer questions.”
-Rafael Correa, Blue Water Development