Month: June 2014

CNN Travel has profiled the top 10 U.S. waterparks by attendance in the United States as reported in the annual 2013 TEA/AECOM Global Attractions Attendance Report.

Big Three’s Rebound, New Developments Drive Detroit’s Lodging Market

Thanks to a rebound of the “Big Three” automakers and emerging technologies boosting the local economy, Detroit has seen steady improvements in hotel occupancy since 2010 and in ADR since 2011.

H&LA consultants will be traveling to Houston, Texas this week for fieldwork concerning a hotel impact study. 

Eric Hansen, our Director of Development Services, talks to a local reporter from the
“Star Telegram” about water conservation at waterparks located in drought stricken areas.

Consultants of H&LA will be traveling to Springfield, Illinois for fieldwork concerning the appraisal of two hotels and to Buffalo, New York to gather information concerning the appraisal of a hotel.

H&LA consultants will be in Lakeside, Ohio doing fieldwork for a hotel feasibility study and will be in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area to assess the market and gather information for the appraisal of a Philadelphia area casino.

Hotel & Leisure Advisors prepared a market feasibility analysis for the 120-room full-service hotel project.