Month: February 2018

Miscellaneous revenue-generating sources have shown to be decreasing the size of their contributions to a hotel’s overall revenue since 2010. Published by: Robert Mandelbaum/Hotel News Now Published date: February 2018 In hotel industry jargon, other operated departments are frequently referred to as minor operated departments. Based on recent trends in other operated department revenues and

Marriott is cutting the industry standard 10% commission paid to third party booking channels to 7% in the U.S. and Canada. Check out the story at Meetings and Conventions News:

Meeting and Conventions Magazine published a story about how some NYC hotels are now adding an “urban destination fee” to their nightly room rate. The fees cover an array of services from high-speed internet access to laundry services and city walking tours. According to the article, hotels are on target to rake a record $2.7