Month: April 2018

Development in the Poconos isn’t done yet! Township officials have announced plans to create a massive $350 million development project dubbed Pocono Springs Entertainment Village, which will include a 75,000 square foot aquarium, a movie theater, helium balloon rides and space for a slew of retail and restaurant spaces. The site is adjacent to the

Waterparks: What’s on Deck in 2018?

Introduction The waterpark industry continues to expand in North America, with more than $1 billion in new investment in indoor and outdoor waterparks and their related resorts in 2018. Nearly 60 expansions and new facilities will open in 2018. We project 14 municipal and eight private outdoor waterparks will open, outpacing 2017’s nine municipal and

U.S. News and World Report’s Top 30 Indoor Waterparks from around the world… It’s great to see so many wonderful properties we’ve worked with on the list! We have had the pleasure of working with a majority of the properties in North America in preparing waterpark feasibility studies, appraisals, economic impact studies, and other consulting