Month: September 2019

H&LA’s David Sangree and Adam Zarczynski are headed to the the 2019 World Waterpark Association Symposium and Tradeshow in Orlando, Florida October 7th-10th. David will be presenting once again at the Waterpark Design, Development, and Expansion Workshop on Monday, October 7th. He will discuss the methodology of waterpark feasibility studies. If you’re attending WWA and would

Aquatics International published an article on the state of the waterpark industry, quoting H&LA President, David Sangree. The article highlights the economic market conditions that have opened the way for waterparks to thrive, while designers and manufacturers draw in visitors by enhancing the customer experience. Published by: Rebecca Robledo/Aquatics International Published date: September 2019 Like just

Great HNN article on hotel owners ability to roll with whatever economic cycle comes their way. Published by: Stephanie Ricca/Hotel News Now Published date: September 2019 VIENNA—As the hotel industry cycle turns, owners are turning their thoughts to performance, labor and management issues, focusing on strong foundations to maintain strength in a changing environment. Owners

Immersive entertainment a new opportunity for hotels

In the span of only a few years, the immersive entertainment concept has taken much of the attractions world by storm. A relatively new phenomenon, it has quickly moved into the mainstream, covering everything from immersive art installations and virtual reality to escape rooms and fully-themed immersive parks. What connects all of these experiences is

H&LA’s David J. Sangree, MAI, CPA, ISHC is attending the National Park Hospitality Association Fall 2019 meeting in Estes Park, Colorado September 16th-18th. The meeting will include discussions of key issues ranging from NPS Concessions Program “fine-tuning” to preparations for any federal funding interruptions.