Month: October 2021

Latest from CoStar News/Hotel News Now on the expected pandemic-related discounts for hotel sales the pandemic that never really materialized. Published by: Dana Miller/Hotel News Now Published date: October 2021 The level of distressed pricing that hotel investors expected to see during the pandemic hasn’t materialized, and hoteliers now must update their expectations. Jim Chu,

H&LA’s David Sangree got the chance to weigh in with on an article about new downtown Cleveland hotel projects and what these projects mean for the future of the Cleveland hospitality market post-pandemic. Published by: Susan Glaser/ Published date: October 2021 It’s too early to celebrate the end of the pandemic’s effect on Cleveland’s

Impact of Whitewater Waterpark Equipment on Hotels and Resorts

Over the past few decades, there has been a growing trend globally of hotels and resorts adding waterpark attractions and features. Some properties have added one or two slides, and some have built a substantial waterpark attached to the resort. H&LA conducted a study for WhiteWater, the leading global manufacturer and designer of waterpark equipment,

H&LA’s David Sangree provided a quote for a recent Crain’s Cleveland Business article on the rise of commercial property owners seeking tax over pandemic related losses. Published by: Michelle Jarobe/Crain’s Cleveland Business Published date: September 2021 Commercial property owners in Cuyahoga County say the pandemic dealt them a $581 million blow — and they’re seeking

Published by Jan Freitag/CoStar Analytics Published date: September, 2021 It is hard to point to a commercial property asset class that has taken a harder hit than hotel development sites. In 2019, land sales designated for hotel, motel or hospitality use totaled $626 million. Last year, the sales volume for hotel development sites collapsed to