Month: March 2022

Insightful read from Hotel News Now on the revenue opportunities from rooftop bars as they highlight a few properties that are leading the trend. Published by: Dana Miller/Hotel News Now Published date: March, 2022 Perhaps once considered a frill, rooftop pools have become more in demand at hotels as guests place increasing value on outdoor

Post-pandemic, hotels look to attract lost group demand

As U.S. hotels continue to recover from the devastating effects of the pandemic, leisure travel has been a boon for the industry. Recent studies, in fact, suggest that leisure travel will reach prepandemic levels in 2022. However, not all hotels cater to the leisure segment, leaving a large swath of properties that cater to group

In a bit of good news for the hotel industry, the pandemic and inflation have not seemed to slow hotel bookings in 2022 as couples who postponed weddings due to the pandemic are looking to finally move forward. Published by: Dana Miller/Hotel News Now Published date: March 2022 The pace of wedding bookings across hotels