Giving Back

David and Laura Sangree were in the Peace Corps in Malawi in southern Africa between 1989 and 1991. Their experience working in this incredibly beautiful but economically disadvantaged country full of warm-hearted people has continued to influence them. In March 2023, David and Laura returned to Malawi after 32 years to see some of the progress made over the years, even as the country still faces many economic challenges as it ranks among one of the poorest countries in the world. David is on the board of the University of Livingstonia Foundation, which works to raise funds for scholarships and infrastructure improvements at the University of Livingstonia in northern Malawi. The university has approximately 3,000 students and is adding a program in hospitality management in 2023/2024 at their Mzuzu campus. Due to continued economic hardship, most of their students are in genuine need of scholarship aid to continue their education. Hotel & Leisure Advisors donates a portion of its profits to the University of Livingstonia as well as other charities focusing their work in Malawi. Having been to Malawi to see the impact these donations have had on the students, David and Laura were able to have a first-hand look at the hard work, dedication, and gratitude of the many students who rely on the generosity of others to help them succeed. Malawi truly is a special place and the work that the University of Livingstonia Foundation is doing to aid young people in pursuit of their dreams and goals is a remarkable endeavor to “educate and prepare professionals and leaders that will help the people of Malawi overcome the education, economic, and social challenges it faces today.”

If you are looking for a cause to support that will truly impact the lives of people in a real and lasting way, please consider a donation to the University of Livingstonia Foundation. Students can be sponsored for approximately $2,000 a year, but a donation in any amount will contribute to the wonderful and rewarding work of the Foundation and give students in Malawi the chances they need to achieve success. To learn more about The University of Livingstonia Foundation, or to make a donation, visit

Malawi is a beautiful country, often referred to as the “Warm Heart of Africa” due to its friendly people and its grand landscapes, mountains, lakes, and wildlife. If you’re inclined, please consider a trip to Malawi so that you can see its game parks and resorts or visit one of the organizations working to improve the country.


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David and Laura with students from the University of Livingstonia