COVID-19 Impact on Waterparks

U.S. Waterparks Updates May 28, 2020


The current COVID-19 crisis is having a significant negative effect on the waterpark industry. Many parks have delayed their season openings while others have decided, or been mandated, not to open in 2020 at all. With the largest database of waterparks across North America, H&LA is tracking the closings of waterparks across all segments. We began tracking the impact of COVID-19 on May 14 and will continue to update this information every two weeks as we work to bring you the most accurate data regarding the state of the industry in 2020. Our data is confirmed via online or property-level sources and is the latest data available as of the date of publication.

Outdoor Waterparks:

The following table indicates the current number of outdoor waterparks in the United States that have announced they will not open for the 2020 summer season due to the COVID-19 crisis. Since our May 14 update, the number of outdoor waterparks that have announced season closures has nearly doubled to 43.

528 table 1 300x113 - COVID-19 Impact on Waterparks

The following table indicates the number of closed outdoor waterparks by state.

528 graph 300x94 - COVID-19 Impact on Waterparks

Indoor Waterparks:

We have researched or called each standalone indoor waterpark and indoor waterpark resort in the United States to determine their open status as of May 28, 2020. Some indoor waterpark resorts remain open for lodging, but their waterparks are closed. For our analysis, we considered these properties as closed.

528 table 2 300x135 - COVID-19 Impact on Waterparks

Since our May 14 update, the number of open indoor waterparks has increased significantly.  Approximately 20% of this segment is currently open.

528 graph 2 300x172 - COVID-19 Impact on Waterparks

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