Typhoon Texas plans new waterpark attraction for 2020

Congrats to out client, Typhoon Texas, on their plans for an expansion in 2020!

Published by: Mike Parker/Statesman
Published date: November 2018

A new restaurant, a new water park attraction and parking lot improvements are part of an amended agreement that has received initial approval between Typhoon Texas and the city’s economic arm.

The Pflugerville Community Development Corp. board Thursday night approved the amended contract, which also absolves the city corporation from repaying $4.5 million in investments made by Typhoon Texas into the water park located on Texas 130 near FM 685.

According to the agreement, Typhoon Texas will pursue a year-round restaurant concept on the property with a planned opening in 2020, and the city corporation will in turn fund improvements to ease traffic and pedestrian access to the park.

The road improvements are slated to begin in September and be completed by the end of April 2020.

In a news release, Typhoon Texas CFO and co-owner Ray DeLaughter said the water park — which saw attendance double this year compared to last year — has received a warm reception since the company took over operations in January 2017.

“We continue to see great opportunity to build the Typhoon Texas brand as a premier water park in Central Texas,” he said.

By removing the city corporation’s $4.5 million obligation to Typhoon Texas, city corporation staff said they have an additional $2.7 million in funding available for other economic development projects. The amended agreement also removes a $25,000 marketing grant the city corporation was set to provide to Typhoon Texas through 2021.

City corporation Executive Director Amy Madison said the agreement — which is set for final approval by the Pflugerville City Council at its Nov. 27 meeting — provides for a local attraction that has become an economic engine for other local businesses and a major generator of sales tax revenue.

Other stipulations in the amended agreement are having Typhoon Texas provide a $650,000 lease payment to the city corporation and investing $500,000 in capital improvements to the water park by May 2019.

City corp. board of directors President Ken D’Alfonso said the water park has fared well since taking over management from Hawaiian Falls, which had managed the attraction from 2013 to 2016.

“We hear from our residents and visitors that Typhoon Texas exceeds expectations in cleanliness, safety and overall customer experience,” he said. “It is with great confidence that we work with Typhoon Texas on improvements to the park to ensure continued future growth and long-term success.”

The city corporation is a semi-autonomous entity mostly funded through a half-cent city sales tax.