EB-5 Financing Accelerates in 2016

EB-5 financing has gained much attention of the past several years, and as a result it is set to accelerate in 2016. This growth favors the hotel industry as one of the top five sectors.  

By: Jim Butler and the Global Hospitality Group
Published: February 2016 – Hotel Online

Hotel Lawyer in Los Angeles at the latest EB-5 Summit

If you have been thinking about tapping into EB-5 financing for your development project, this is the time to make your decision and act quickly. If you need background on what the EB-5 program is about, how it has gone mainstream with institutional investors for several years, and is now providing a steady stream of reliable capital, please see the articles referenced at the bottom.

We think that JMBM’s Global Hospitality Group® EB-5 financing team has a pretty good perspective on the opportunity, the risks, and how to get clean execution. For the 18 months ended December 31, 2015, our team closed more than $1 billion of EB-5 financing loans, and we sourced more than $700 million of these loans for our clients.

If you have missed our reporting of key events affecting the availability of EB-5 financing here, you need to know that the EB-5 program was extended for another year through September 30, 2016 without any changes. But just as the maximum number of visas has been reached in each of the past two years, the experts expect that we will “cap out” at the maximum 10,000 visas even earlier in 2016 – possibly as early as May or June.

And the “reformers” are still out there, with proposals to revise the EB-5 program the next time it comes up for renewal. So this is a great time to move into action while EB-5 financing continues to be accessible for top developers with great projects and a strong track record.

We are confident that most people who delay will wish they had started earlier and gotten in on this great source of relatively inexpensive financing early in the game.

The NES Financial EB-5 Innovation Summit 2016 – Los Angeles, California

NES Financial is one of the top providers of administrative services for EB-5 financing. They focus on escrows and other technology-enabled services for the efficient administration of EB-5 financial transactions, 1031 exchanges and fund administration. See www.nesfinancial.com.

JMBM’s EB-5 financing team attended an NES-sponsored “Summit” in Los Angeles on February 4 at the Los Angeles City Club, and it was a great program. I particularly enjoyed the “State of the Industry” presentation by Reid Thomas, Executive Vice President of NES Financial.

Here are a few highlights and slides from Reid’s presentation, presented here with permission.

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