Other Services

The following services are intended to assist the developer, corporate brand franchisor, or owner with their development needs.

Site Analysis & Review

The site analysis researches potential locations for lodging and leisure facilities and incorporates a detailed analysis of the location. This includes a review of the performance of comparable properties. Studies include analyzing traffic counts, access, visibility, proximity and travel time, nearby visitor attractions, nearby corporate and group demand generators, and access to convention and event facilities. We analyze primary leisure, group, and commercial attractions and organizations within the market and identify distances from the site to potential demand generators.

Hotel Brand Selection Assistance

This service provides a comparative brand analysis for a specific site to assist a developer in choosing one brand over another at a specific location. The written report identifies brand characteristics and evaluates appropriateness. Recognizing the general franchise affiliation section already provided in H&LA’s feasibility studies, this service takes those recommendations to the next level, through contacting and interviewing the potential franchisor(s).

Renovation Feasibility and ROI Analysis

For existing hotels considering renovations, this service analyzes the financial impact those renovations will have on Occupancy, ADR, revenues and expenses by department, and other performance metrics. We will analyze the historical and projected performance of the property and its competitive market.  We will review the proposed renovations and make recommendations for additional improvements. By estimating the financial impact and financial feasibility of renovations, we will analyze the return on investment (ROI) of the planned improvements for owners, lenders, and investors.