Asset Management/Receivership Services

H&LA offers asset management or receivership services for hotels, resorts, waterparks, and other leisure property assets in the United States. As an asset manager or receiver, we work on the owner or lender’s behalf to oversee the management company and ensure that the property is cost-effectively maintained and operated; the assets of the property are secure; and we act as eyes, ears, and caretaker in the manner expected by the client. We follow through with all ownership requirements concerning paperwork, due diligence, and property upkeep. We monitor various bank accounts as required and monitor payments to authorized vendors. H&LA works to optimize the performance of the property while considering the capital and financial restraints as indicated by the client.

We work with the management company and the owner to optimize the value of the hotel or other leisure/hospitality property. As complex, market-sensitive, capital-intensive, and personnel-intensive operations, hotels and attractions require constant oversight by professionals who specialize in this asset type.  Our experienced consultants will deliver services tailored to the client and their property. Specific service offerings could include market research, operations oversight, accounting review, monthly reporting, real estate tax assessment review, meetings with ownership and management, contract negotiations, and advice on various aspects of operating and marketing the property.