RFQ Preparation & Solicitation

Hiring a qualified management or hotel development company is essential to the success of a hospitality project. Spending the appropriate resources to identify the most qualified companies ensures that your property has the right resources it needs to be successful.

Through our RFQ preparation and solicitation process, we assist our clients in identifying appropriate management companies and developers for all types of hospitality projects. Our goal is to have our clients receive proposals from competent and competitive companies that will share similar goals and vision for the project.

For a developer solicitation, we will prepare the solicitation of interest and submit it to Hotel Online and Hotel News Now, widely-read daily news services in the hospitality industry. We will also forward it to a select list of H&LA’s development contacts and advertise it in our company newsletter.

For a management company solicitation, we will forward a solicitation of interest to various companies within our database that operate hotels that are similar to the subject and operate in a similar region. We will assess potential interest in management of the proposed hotel, qualifications of the management company, and other considerations that are important in selecting the appropriate company to solicit.

For both solicitations, interested parties will be asked to contact H&LA to receive the full RFP (that we prepare) and our feasibility study for the project. We will prepare the RFP utilizing information from our market feasibility and financial analysis study, as well as any additional information provided. The RFP will instruct interested parties to submit qualifications and proposals directly to the client.