Waterparks and Drought

Eric Hansen was recently interviewed by The New Yorker about the effects severe drought have on waterpark operations and public perception. 

Waterparks have become a hot topic in the news lately, especially with the on-going drought in California and other parts of the Western United States. Many see waterparks as an unnecessary luxury at a time when states face a water crisis that shows no signs of abating soon. Given the attention this issue is receiving, H&LA will be publishing an update to our article about waterparks in drought-stricken areas. We will specifically discuss the much confused water use (what a waterpark uses for an initial fill) versus water consumption (the amount of water being discharged into the sanitary system, or otherwise lost through evaporation, backwash operations, splash out, and deck wash down) and how those terms impact the debate and the operation of waterparks. You can read our 2012 article here. Our update will be published near the end of summer. 

Read The New Yorker article here