Operational Analysis & Review

Utilizing more than 100 years of combined experience in managing, analyzing, and operating hotels, we prepare operational analysis and review studies of existing hotels or waterparks to determine areas where the property is performing well and areas that are in need of improvements. These reports assist our clients in important decision-making regarding their assets. Our report will:

  • Analyze the regional and national markets competing with the subject
  • Analyze the competitive set of properties, determine performance levels, recent and planned capital improvements, and marketing strategies
  • Analyze the existing operations and recommend improvements in various departments to increase profitability, improve hotel performance, and increase guest satisfaction
  • Evaluate the current operations of the hotel including its management team and marketing strategy
  • Analyze all revenue departments, staffing, seasonality, and other components
  • Make recommendations for renovations at the subject property
  • Recommend marketing department changes and improvements
  • Review additional services or amenities to add to the property that could attract incremental demand
  • Compare detailed financial projections with actual operating statements of similar properties and provide a line-by-line discussion of each of the hotel’s major departments
  • Estimate financial and probable operating performance for the next five years based on the implementation of our recommendations