Latest from CoStar News/Hotel News Now on the expected pandemic-related discounts for hotel sales the pandemic that never really materialized. Published by: Dana Miller/Hotel News Now Published date: October 2021 The level of distressed pricing that hotel investors expected to see during the pandemic hasn’t materialized, and hoteliers now must update their expectations. Jim Chu,

Great article from’s Susan Glaser, with a quote from H&LA’s David Sangree, about whether governments should be in the hotel business, especially given the recent economic hardships resulting from the pandemic. Published by: Susan Glaser/ Published date: March 2021 Recent financial trouble involving the Hilton Cleveland Downtown Hotel raises a number of questions, none

As we keep abreast the continually changing impact of COVID-19 on the economy in general and hospitality sector in particular, the following HVS report details some of the unprecedented impact on hotel owners, operators, and investors. Published by: Anne. R. Lloyd-Jones, Suzanne R. Mellen, and Tanya J. Pierson (HVS) Published date: April 2020 The COVID-19