Who wants a waterpark anyway?

Surveys are one way to answer the “If you build it, will they come?” question. H&LA often makes use of online surveys in our assessment of market feasibility and demand for hotel and waterpark projects. Recently a client provided us with a list of email addresses which we used to distribute our survey. We received 1300 responses and a wealth of information about amenities users want in the proposed waterpark, how frequently they may visit, and how much they are willing to spend.

When an online survey is appropriate, we design questions to capture relevant information about the specific project. In different projects we have focused on amenities, pricing, overall interest, and brand awareness. We have distributed the survey ourselves and enabled the clients to distribute it when they preferred to contact their own customers. Survey audiences may be individuals or businesses and organizations that may generate corporate and group demand. We may use phone surveys as supplements or alternatives, too.

Our research is always backed up with other objective and quantifiable measures, but the insights provided by survey respondents have been valuable in our analysis.

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