WWA: Considerations for Reopening Waterparks and Aquatic Facilities

As many waterparks and aquatic facilities begin to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Waterpark Association has offered some helpful considerations for operators that will help ensure safety among guests. The information provided in these considerations is designed to help operators develop reopening action plans that meet the needs of their facilities and the requirements of their local public health officials. Much of the information presented is drawn from available public health guidelines.

Some areas highlighted in the report include recommendations for:

  1. Governmental Reopening Guidelines
  2. Communication
  3. Staff and Training Protection
  4. Capacity Limit
  5. Screening
  6. Physical distancing
  7. Use of PPE
  8. Cleaning & Sanitizing
  9. Positive Responses

The full WWA report can be read here: Aquatic Facility and Waterpark Reopening Considerations – World Waterpark Association