Our recent research for a project in Sandusky, Ohio revealed some exciting new hospitality-related developments happening in the area. These developments will have an impact on tourism, employment, and the general economy in Sandusky and the surrounding areas in 2024 and beyond. In 2024, Cedar Point opened the newly reimagined Top Thrill 2 roller coaster.

As many parks and attractions begin to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, IAAPA has offered some guidelines for operators that will help ensure safety among guests. Some topline considerations include: Allow healthy people to enjoy the facility and encourage the use of masks/face coverings for guests and staff. Provide means to wash/sanitize

H&LA’s David Sangree got the opportunity to weigh in for an article in the Times Herald-Record on the challenges for Legoland’s owner Merlin Entertainment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that is challenging leisure attractions worldwide. Published by: Daniel Axelrod/Times Herald-Record Published date: May 2020 Legoland New York’s parent company is in survival mode,

Many thanks to the Ohio Travel Association for the opportunity to have a Q&A session on some of the effects on the travel and tourism industry from the COVID-19 pandemic. H&LA’s David Sangree answered some thoughtful questions and give his insights into what we can expect for some important tourism industries as the country slowly

As H&LA keeps abreast the continually changing impact of COVID-19 on the economy in general and hospitality sector in particular, we are sharing insights from industry experts and stakeholders with out clients and partners. The following whitepaper from Thinkwell Group discusses the challenges owners and operators of theme parks, entertainment venues, and family entertainment centers