Case Studies

Indoor Waterpark Resort Feasibility - Site Selection

At H&LA, we tailor our reports to our individual clients needs based on the type of property being studied, the desired scope of services, and the purpose and intended use of an H&LA study. We work with our clients to define their goals and help bring their visions of a project to fruition, whether it is a property valuation or a an analysis for a proposed development. Our suite of services offers our clients the flexibility of tailored results coupled with the hospitality expertise essential for a credible analysis.

Each property type we study has its own challenges and opportunities that require a unique approach when analyzing, making recommendations, and determining value or feasibility. For a more in depth look at what a specific study may entail, click on a study below. While individual studies often vary, this shows a good idea of just what to expect from an H&LA study.

Hotel Feasibility Study

Waterpark Feasibility Study

Hotel Appraisal

Waterpark Appraisal

Casino Valuation

Economic Impact Study

Outdoor Waterpark Feasibility - Two Scenario Analysis