Whitewater West purchases Waveloch’s Flowrider product line

In an Aquatics International story, H&LA’s David Sangree says the move will offer one-stop shopping for waterpark owners 

By: Kendra Kozen

WhiteWater West Industries, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, has announced the acquisition of WaveLoch’s FlowRider products. The deal – WhiteWater West’s third major acquisition in the past two years – includes FlowRider, FlowBarrel, FlowCurl, FlowRider Wave-in-a Box, and WaveOz. Wave Loch, based in La Jolla, Calif., will retain its FlowBarrel sheet-wave technology as well as the Wave House venue brand.

“The acquisition will benefit waterpark owners by allowing developers and owners to deal with one company in selecting a wide range of rides and attractions,” said David Sangree, president of Cleveland, Ohio-based Hotel & Leisure Advisors, LLC. “Whitewater West now owns many of the top brands in the waterpark industry including the Master Blaster and now the FlowRider product mix. In addition they have a wide range of slides and other attractions. It will be easier to deal with one company in choosing various rides and getting them all to work together well.

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