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Performance Soars at Airport Terminal Hotels

On-site airport hotels make a connection with travelers and have distinct advantages over nearby airport properties.

Waterpark Resorts Supply and Demand 2013 Update

As the popularity of waterparks continues to grow across North America, we have analyzed current and projected supply for 2013.

Analysis of Golf Course Listing Prices

Golf courses with multiple amenities offer buyers more opportunity. List prices reflect the number of rounds played and overall financial projections.

When the Waters Run Dry

The financial bottom line encourages water conservation in waterpark operation.

Weight Loss Resorts Boon for Developers

Developers slow to tap into weight loss resort demand. Learn about this emerging trend and its opportunity for growth.

The Impact of State Incentivized Tourism Development

In an effort to boost tourism and revenue many cities are offering broad-based municipal incentives in order to attract tourism developers.

Benefits of Analyzing the Waterpark Market and Feasibility

The importance of completing a feasibility study and market analysis for waterpark properties. With money on the line, developers need clear answers.

Season Pass Price Positioning at Outdoor Waterparks

2012 waterpark season pass price points and incentives show that passes boost revenue and attendance at waterparks.

Renting As an Alternative to Hotel Land Acquisition

When land is not available for purchase for hotel construction, a well negotiated ground lease can benefit both the developer and the land owner.

Ten Largest Hotel Brands’ Average Sale Prices

Hilton Hotels and Resorts brand achieved the highest median sale price per room of the top brands in the U.S., while the Days Inn brand garnered the lowest median sale price per room.

Impact of the Oil Boom on Hotel Markets

Discover the impact that increased oil drilling has had on the local hotel market of Williston, North Dakota.

The Importance of Determining Waterpark Feasibility

How a feasibility analysis answers the important questions and assist in the decision making process.

Waterpark Resorts Supply and Demand 2011 Update

Waterpark resorts continue to emerge as a growing leisure development option. Explore current and projected (2011) waterparks in the U.S. and Canada.

Cleveland Lodging Market Overview

New developments offer opportunities for growth in the Cleveland hotel market.

The Growing Gap in Hotel Sales

Buyers see opportunity in upper-tier hotel market as sales increase. Lower-tier market sees decline in sales as the great recession lingers.